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Enphase Finds The Energy To Bounce At This Level

January 20
10:37 2023

With all the strength in the energy sector, today’s trade breakdown is an interesting one. Despite this strength, Enphase (ENPHhas diverged from this path and as you can see, struggled over the past month or so.

The recent rally in the overall market may have caused some of these energy names to lose some steam as investors found their way back into other sectors. However, after declining as much as it has, the stock is now approaching a key price level.

Traders can use these historic support and resistance levels to determine what would be their highest probability trade. For ENPH, this $220 level can provide a possible bounce spot. Oftentimes, when stocks declines to a historically significant level, like this stock has, buyers could possibly step in to test puts for a little bit of a relief bounce. Now, this doesn’t mean that the shorter term trend has flipped from bearish to bullish, but stocks do not just rise or fall in a straight line.

After these large increases or decreases in price, a stock will often retest. Meaning it will move in the opposite direction of the trend briefly before continuing on the established trend. These retest can provide traders with a scalping opportunity and play what the market is giving them.

It is important that when you attempt to play these retests that you have your risk defined and stick to your risk management, in case of a fake out move.

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