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4 Top Artificial Intelligence Stocks To Watch In September 2021

September 10
09:37 2021

For investors looking to invest in booming fields in the tech trade, artificial intelligence (AI) stocks are a viable play. Namely, the stock market today is home to various AI firms that employ the tech in a vast array of industries. This would be the case as the use cases for the tech continues to grow day by day. After all, not only does AI help organizations with computational issues, but the tech is constantly improving via machine learning. As a result, investors would be keeping an eye on emerging names in the field. This is evident given the latest news regarding the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (the Foundation).

Namely, the Foundation is now in a four-year deal with U.K.-based AI start-up, Exscientia. Through the potentially $70 million deal, Exscientia aims to develop “novel antiviral pills that could be used to treat COVID-19 and stop future pandemics from spreading”. Accordingly, it would not surprise me to see the top artificial intelligence stocks gaining traction in the stock market now. If anything, major names in the industry continue to make plays as well.

As of last week, Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) and C3.Ai (NYSE: AI) are currently working together. In detail, the partnership marks an industry-first as the duo look to accelerate enterprise AI. According to C3.Ai, they will provide industry solutions, addressing “real-world challenges” in the financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications industries. By and large, the market for AI and AI-focused companies continues to grow. With that being said, here are three top artificial intelligence stocks for your September 2021 watchlist.

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