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How to Trade Apple Stock Amid New iPhones and Trade War

September 14
10:16 2018

Apple stock has always been a good investment, especially for those who invested in it when the company started selling iPhones in 2007. Since then, the stock has returned about 2,000% (after adjusting for splits). In a few days from now, Apple is set to again showcase new iPhones. It will be interesting to see what effect this event will have on Apple stock and how investors must brace for that, especially considering the ongoing trade war with China.

Reasons to Remain Bullish on Apple Stock

If we set aside the trade war, it is widely believed that Apple stock will continue to rise, and there are several reasons for it. Apple is one of the few tech stocks that has grown because of the company’s actual performance, rather than merely its potential for future growth. It is one of the most profitable companies of all time. Such metrics are enough to make rivals jealous and investors bullish.

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