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The Case of the Bankerless Bubble

December 07
15:35 2017

When I first started writing about and accumulating Bitcoin this summer, I had a vague inkling that at some point real money was going to start rushing in as it was “discovered” by the real money crowd. I’ve seen a few cycles by now and I have a rough idea of the cadence of these things.

By September, 10,000 points ago, I was sure of it (see: You can practically smell it in the air).

And now, the race is on. Wall Street is banging down the doors. There are meetings and events being held all over The Street to try to figure out a way in. One major global financial institution, I’m told by employees, has made “figuring out the custody issue” a top priority internally.

But here’s the funny thing – what if they missed it already? On the Gemini Exchange, the price of a Bitcoin just changed hands for over $14,000! We have a full-blown mania on our hands and Wall Street is still at the drawing board!

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