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Bitcoin Futures – Another Embarrassing Prediction

December 06
16:23 2017

I have long lost any tiny shred of respectability in terms of my bitcoin calls. Not only was I the idiot who passed on Bitcoin at $5 (My Great Bitcoin Bungle), but I have steadily expressed apprehension about jumping aboard the world’s greatest bubble, ooops, sorry – bull market.

Now before you dismiss me as some ancient out-of-touch finance guy who doesn’t get it, remember that I was mining bitcoins and arbing between exchanges before most of Wall Street had ever heard the word blockchain. Yet that doesn’t stop me from being the knob who missed one of the greatest wealth generation opportunities since Florida land went on sale in the early 1920’s.

For all my Bitcoin-loving-readers who find themselves slowly clenching their fists as they read my introductory paragraphs, please don’t stop reading. Regardless of my skepticism, I think I might have some value-added insights that those of the more bullish persuasion might have missed.

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