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Earnings may be about to do something they’ve never done before

August 22
15:10 2017

Ever get the feeling that we’ve been here before? For investors, the sense of déjà vu may be coming from corporate earnings. The analyst consensus estimate for earnings per share over the next twelve months for the world’s companies (measured by the MSCI All Country World Index) has risen back to $30 again for the fourth time in 10 years, as you can see in the chart below.

Earnings déjà vu

Earnings déjà vu

Source: Charles Schwab, Factset data as of 8/17/2017.

Since first reaching this level in 2008, earnings per share for the world’s companies has taken about three years to return to $30 after each decline. Despite the similar three year intervals, each decline in earnings was unique with differing depths and drivers.

  • The drop after the 2008 peak, due to the global financial crisis, was deep and broad across regions and sectors.
  • The drop after the 2011 peak was shallow and tied to the relatively mild recessions in Europe and Japan.
  • The drop following the 2014 peak was greater than 10%, but almost entirely due to the impact of the crash in oil prices on the Energy sector.

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