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Powell: How to make your own financial wellness program

June 21
14:59 2017

Many employers are starting to offer their workers financial wellness program in the workplace. And with good reason. The research seems to indicate that these programs pay off.

But what if you don’t have such a program at work? Well, you’ll have to build your own. How might you go about that?

Knowledge is power

In the main, financial wellness programs tend to focus on education about money basics, including budgeting, debt management and retirement planning. You can create your own financial education/wellness programs by taking advantage of the many free resources on the web.

For instance, the CFP Board and the University of Illinois offer a free, online financial planning course as does Bank of America and Khan Academy. Other resources include the American Institute of CPAs, the Financial Fitness blog, HelloWallet and theSociety of Actuaries.

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