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The Real Reason Amazon Built A NYC Bookstore (It’s Not For Selling Books) – Yahoo!

May 26
14:49 2017

Amazon opened its first New York bookstore this week, its seventh physical bookstore in the US, in the upscale Time Warner Center shops at Columbus Circle in Manhattan.

Opening up physical bookstores may look like a strange move for the company accused of killing off physical bookstores. But the stores serve a number of strategic purposes for Amazon, and selling books may be the least of them.

Most media discussion of the store has centered around the method of display: books are shelved with the covers facing out (as opposed to the spines) and with a user review from Amazon.com below every book, plus the number of total reviews the book has and its average score. Only books with 4 stars or higher can earn a spot in the stores, with the exception of a few new releases.

Most of the sections are organized based on data from Amazon.com (Highly Rated: 4.8 Stars & Above; Frequently Wished-For on Amazon.com; If You Like, You’ll Love) or data from Kindle (Page Turners: Books Kindle Readers Finish in 3 Days or Less).

All of this has led to the criticism you’d expect the book world to have when the big bad guy moves into town: Quartz wrote that the store “sucks the joy out of buying books.”

But the other striking characteristic of the store is a large section for products that aren’t books: Amazon hardware devices like the Echo and Echo Dot.

That’s no afterthought. Think of Amazon’s physical bookstores as a proving ground for its many other, larger brick-and-mortar plans.

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