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Opinion: The math adds up to Clinton versus Trump – MarketWatch

February 22
16:21 2016

The delegates awarded so far in the presidential race are effectively trivial, but after Saturday night’s results it’s growing clear that the race this autumn will be between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

While the more contested race is among the Republicans, let’s for a moment examine the Democratic field. It wasn’t really a fair match to begin with due to the superdelegates who had already been pledged to the former secretary of state.

Clinton has a 502-to-70 lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, with 2,383 needed to secure the nomination. Put another way, Sanders needs to win 57% of the remaining delegates to capture the nomination.

That’s the kind of split that seems pretty much unimaginable. After a triumphant Sanders result in New Hampshire, Clinton won by a 53%-to-47% margin in Nevada.

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